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Multigenerational gift ties family to the sciences and aviation

May 21, 2013
Liza Gay wanted an enduring way to honor her late son’s memory, so she created a scholarship in his name, John Russell Gay. In August, following a long and brave fight with cancer, Liza passed away. She is survived by her husband, Kirk Gay, and a legacy of UAA student support. Her estate gift of $574K guarantees that hundreds of high-achieving science and aviation students at UAA will spend their time focused on studies rather than making ends meet. Learn more about the John Russell Gay awards.

Nitrogen is a key to unlocking nature’s back stories

May 20, 2013
Maybe high school chemistry class was the last time you heard anyone mention the periodic table of elements. It lists 118 building blocks for everything in nature. Nitrogen is one of them. If you are Matt Rogers, manager of the stable isotope lab for the Environment and Natural Resource Institute at UAA, nitrogen is a reliable key for unlocking nature’s backstories. Take a tiny piece of animal tissue or a few plant leaves, some water or some dirt, and with the help of high-end technology, he can detail the food web story behind any of it. Impress your friends; learn to explain stable isotope analysis in this story from the Anchorage Daily News.
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