Summer 2017: Learn about Alaska Native people, history, politics and grant writing

April 20, 2017

The Alaska Native Studies Program at UAA will offer a sequence of online courses for summer 2017 that provide introductory modules on Alaska Native people, history, politics and grant writing.

The Alaska Native People 101 Series includes three one-credit courses: Alaska Native Cultures and People, Introduction to Alaska Native History and Contemporary Alaska Native Issues.

These one-credit online modules are designed to provide orientation to Alaska Native people, highlighting the cultural and linguistic diversity, history, and relevant political issues, including the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act and Grant Writing in Alaska Native Communities.

These will be valuable for individuals that work in Alaska Native communities, or interact with Alaska Native businesses, schools, healthcare and tourism industries. The courses provide a platform to offer a basic ‘101 experience’ and are designed for individuals already working within their professions.

AKNS A190:501 – Alaska Native Cultures and People: Introduction to the various Alaska Native cultural groups including both pre- and post-contact, discussion on the various cultural regions, Alaska Native languages and language families, social-cultural organization, and lifeways. (CRN 51296)

AKNS A190:502 – Introduction to Alaska Native History: The course provides an overview of both event and non-event based historical factors that shaped Alaska Native societies. Using and privileging Alaska Native perspectives, we will discuss ways of learning about pre-contact history, the Russian and the American colonial periods, the history of the state of Alaska, land claims and the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act. (CRN 51297)

AKNS A190:503 – Contemporary Alaska Native Issues: Focusing on contemporary social processes and issues, this course surveys Alaska Native health, education, cultural and language revitalization efforts, and heritage preservation programs. Students will examine and evaluate examples of collaborative program and collections management initiatives as well as explore general and field-specific best practices. (CRN 51298)

AKNS A190:503 – Grant Writing for Alaska Native Communities: Introduces grant writing focused on community-based grant proposals, including successful approaches appropriate to rural and Alaska Native communities. Includes grant tips, reviewer scoring, grant trends and proposal components. (CRN 51299)

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