Alumni Spotlight: Spencer Shroyer, aka DJ Spencer Lee

October 14, 2013
Spencer Shroyer, DJ Spencer Lee

I AM UAA: Spencer Shroyer

B.A. Journalism and Public Communications ’09
Hometown: Homer, Alaska
Fun Fact: Was the opening act for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis in Anchorage

The bio on his electronic press kit is tidy:

“A born and raised Alaskan, DJ Spencer Lee (formerly DJ Encyclopedia Brown) established his rep by moving crowds with creative selections, precise mixing and party rocking instincts.”

But since Spencer Shroyer’s a former Seawolf, we asked for more. He may proDJ today, but he’s been snagging that skill set since his undergrad days at UAA.

On campus, he was one of those hotshot Speech and Debate team members, worked at The Northern Light and KRUA, and even played on a championship intramural basketball team.

Early DJ gigs started here, too: “I was the official DJ of the Outdoor Club. In the beginning that meant I brought my CD wallets to house parties and wouldn’t let anyone touch the boom box. A few years later, it meant I was bringing my turntables and PA and rocking a party in a two-car garage until the police came.”

He graduated from UAA in 2009 with a JPC major and communications minor. His world of post-grad work looks like this:

  • Four years with the Anchorage Daily News as online content and entertainment editor; longtime freelance concert and food reviewer.
  • A year at Thompson & Co as an account executive
  • Master DJ
DJ Spencer Lee in action

In action.

What can we expect at Homecoming?
I know I’m playing for a college crowd, so you might hear some stuff that’s too underground or weird for commercial radio. (I still have contacts at KRUA and we’ll consult.) That’ll be mixed alongside throwback cuts, classic party jams and remixes that up the energy on songs you sing along to in the car.

I’ve never wanted to be one of those DJs that stick to just one genre or format. I listen to all kinds of music and I know audiences do too. The trick is giving the crowd what they want along with things they might not expect, but end up loving. I’m up there scratching and mixing live, trying to keep energy up and facilitate the party.

What are some recent, memorable gigs?
It was really cool to be able to be the opening act at UAA Concert Board’s sold out Macklemore and Ryan Lewis concert. They had the no. 1 song in the country the weeks leading up to being in town and the energy in the Egan was electric, 2,500+plus people ready to party! I’m a full time DJ and play out every weekend, but that’s one I’ll be telling my kids about.

Wait, all you do is DJ?
Yup! I’m lucky that I was able to turn my passion into an occupation and it’s definitely something I don’t take for granted. I try to stay on top of new music – everything from chart toppers to underground bangers – so that I can keep my sets creative and fresh. When I’m not playing out, I’m down in the basement working on mixes for local radio and / or to post on my website.

What do you listen to when you’re not DJing?
One of the reasons I got into DJing was because I love vinyl. I still collect records and when I’m at home, I often put on a classic R&B or soul LP to keep a mellow vibe while I’m working. If I need to pick the pace up, it might be deep house or some funk or disco.

That sounds awfully cool. How about a guilty pleasure?
I definitely have a soft spot for the ’80s, everything from hair metal to Hall and Oates. I also jam out to ’70s yacht rock, the cheesier the better.

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