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Lea Bouton, M.A.T. ’,10, in her classroom at Anchorage’s Dimond High School.

From an alumna

Go. Help. Connect. Give. What does that look like for you?

For many of us, our lives look different than they did as students. We often have families, jobs and other commitments — it is easy to let your connections to your alma mater fade. I can assure you, however, that there is no better time than now to renew those affiliations.

Supporting UAA doesn’t have to look like a million-dollar donation, or even a season pass. It means working it in on your terms. For my family of five, that means attending a lot of volleyball games, volunteering on the Alumni Association Board of Directors, and working to get my current students access to the stellar engineering programs being built in the Engineering & Industry Building (read more on page 12). Your support, on whatever level is meaningful to you, absolutely makes a difference.

I urge you to get involved today. Go catch a game, contact the Alumni Relations office to find an alumni chapter, or support your favorite program with a donation. You won’t regret it!

Lea Bouton

M.A.T. Education ’10
President, UAA Alumni Association Board of Directors


From the editor

In the coming pages, you’ll read about the “sweet” story of an alumni power duo that partnered to open a craft donut shop, an alumna in Chicago who is doing world-renowned research in bilingualism, UAA’s commitment to engineering education in Alaska, and what a day in the life of a culinary arts student looks (and tastes) like.

You’ll also meet the Truesdells, a pair of alumni who — after putting four kids through college — decided it was their turn to earn degrees and chose UAA to do so. They’re a solid example that education is a lifelong endeavor.

Throughout this issue, you’ll see different opportunities to go, help, connect or give to your alma mater. We would love to connect with you and see you back on campus! Email us anytime at seawolf.forever@alaska.edu.

With Green & Gold spirit,

Jessica Hamlin

Editor, Alumni Spirit


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